There are many benefits to working in a therapeutic relationship with a professional counsellor on an individual basis. It can be a relief to tell someone who is impartial about difficulties you've been struggling with on your own. Perhaps you have a longstanding concern, are encountering new difficulties, or simply have a sense that something isn't right or you don't feel yourself anymore.

​​Exploring your issues with a help of a professional can help to "normalise" your experience and place it in context and bring objectivity. This often helps people seeing a problem in a new way and more able to tackle it.


We will begin with a single session in which we will work together to make sense of your experience and discuss how we might move forward. Most of my work is long term and open-ended, which means that therapy will progress naturally for as long as we both feel necessary to you. From my experience, it takes time and willingness to get to the core of the issues. Along the way, we start finding solutions and ways of dealing with the situations that matter to you and that are affecting your daily life. Therapy is a process, leading to real changes and deeper transformations.


Please contact me, via phone or email to have a brief conversation or exchange of emails, and then schedule our first session. If you would like to have a better understanding of the Counselling process, I can offer a 15 minute phone call. 

I suggest an initial commitment of at least 6 sessions. Real changes require deep and meaningful work The sessions are weekly and at regular times. You will have a slot that is only yours: same day, same time, every week. If your needs are different, please let me know and I will try to arrange sessions that are suitable to both of us.

I also offer counselling sessions via phone or Skype for those unable to attend in person.


It's important that therapy feels as an individual choice and commitment. The work can only be done if you truly want to do it, and it will be worth it.


Confidentiality: Our work is absolutely confidential. I follow the 'BACP Ethical Framework' (British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy) and everything discussed in therapy is private and confidential.


One-off sessions (80 minutes): Sometimes you feel you need a boost, someone to talk to and to reset your mind and direction. I offer longer sessions as a one-off session. Or, along regular therapy, you might wish an extra-long session to help you in critical moments, when you need extra support and time to attend and resolve specific needs. Please enquire.